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Fake LinkedIn Emails are some of the Most Clicked

KnowBe4 releases a new report each quarter detailing the latest top-clicked phishing email subjects based on results from their simulated phishing tests. Their Q3 2020 Report was released in October, and they shared that LinkedIn took up a whopping 47% of the most-clicked social media email subjects.

4 Ways to Better Protect your Company from Cyber-Criminals

How do you protect your end users in the office? What about those at home? How do you make sure your data is not compromised? How can you be confident that you are doing everything possible to keep your company secure? We are going to share four ways that you can protect your company – and feel confident that you are protected!

FBI Lists Suspicious Census Bureau Domains

Chances are in the last several months, you had an individual from the Census Bureau knocking on your door and asking you questions. It’s been a hot topic as the deadline to complete the census rapidly approaches. Today, the FBI Cyber Division released a statement regarding the number of domains spoofing the US Census Bureau’s Websites.

Gift Card Scams Go Mobile

One of the most common email scams we are seeing right now is the gift card scam. User’s receive an email that looks like it came from an executive or CEO of the company asking them to purchase multiple gift cards for “business reasons”. The email usually states that the executive is in a meeting […]

Beware: Tech Support Scams

Nowadays, tech support scams are some of the most favorite among cyber criminals, and that is unfortunately because of their pretty high success rate. The scammers are counting on you to have an average (or below-average) level of knowledge about technology and cyber security threats so they can trick you into downloading malicious applications or […]

Securely run and grow your business

As technology has become increasingly accessible and mobile, growing numbers of employees have begun linking up their work accounts to their personal devices, sometimes even without the employer’s knowledge. The task of keeping company data secure can quickly become complicated.

Microsoft 365 lets you manage your company information even on personal devices. The system works behind the scenes to keep data secure, ensure compliance, and automatically detect and act upon suspicious activities, allowing you and your customers peace of mind.

What other ways can Microsoft 365 give you continuous high-quality protection as it grows?

SQL Server runs best on Azure Virtual Machines

In today’s modern digital age, your business needs flexible, reliable data management. At BECA, we know you want a system that can deliver these things and more.

Microsoft SQL Server is the solution. With fast time to value with cloud flexibility, you can set up and manage your SQL Server deployments in minutes, then scale up or down on the fly. Tune your approach to make exceptional performance gains.

Want to learn more about SQL Server? Do you still need to migrate to SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines? Contact us to learn more.