Be Extra Cautious of Phishing and Cyber Attacks as We Approach Election Day

As we continue to creep closer and closer to election day, cybercriminals are more determined than ever to target US residents. They know that the election is the hottest topic right now, and people might be more susceptible to falling victim to phishing attacks, especially if they focus on anything remotely related to the election.

Please make sure you are using an abundance of caution during this time. If an email comes into your inbox that mentions anything political – do not open attachments or click links unless you are positive that it is safe. If you have even the smallest smidgeon of doubt – DO NOT CLICK. If you are trying to go to a website for news or updates about the election, take extra time to make sure it is a legitimate site.

 “Both the CISA and the FBI are urging the public to critically evaluate the sources of the information they consume, to seek out information from trustworthy sources, verify who produced the information and consider their intent,” according to the Washington Post. “It is also important for people to verify via multiple sources reports about problems with voting or election results and consider the origins of sources that they choose to share via social media.”

As always, security needs to be TOP OF MIND for business owners. If you have any questions, we are always available to chat.