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Date: April 8, 2016 | Topic: Ransomware Protection

Your computers and users are at risk all the time. Even if you have the proper firewalls in place at the office, what happens when you leave? Do you have the correct programs to protect your machine no matter where you are?? What if the firewall goes down? Are your users educated on phishing emails? This month, our senior management team discusses the various ways that you can protect yourself and your team from the numerous threats you are exposed to every day.


Mike | President: The decision to do another blog post on Ransomware / Malware was a necessity because of the accelerated growth of the problem.  Our team has made some great suggestions below on different tools that we can use to help protect your company and your brand. However, I am happy share that we are beginning a relationship with a new “Outcomes that Matter” partner – KnowBe4.  The reason for this unique relationship is that we believe it is now time to begin testing your users by providing them unique “test” phishing messages to see how they react and, more importantly, click.  Then after we provide some baseline education for your team, we will provide ongoing monthly education emails and testing on a scheduled basis to bring awareness of Ransomware and Malware. Basically, educating your users to always be mindful of what they click.

Branden | Vice President: To best deter malware, you need a multi-layered defense that goes from the firewall all the way down to the end user.  In between those 2 spaces is the desktop/laptop.  When you are in the office the firewall offers a strong layer of protection, but what happens when you take your computer “out into the wild”?  A standard Anti-virus package only offers some protection.  A suite that offers AV, anti-malware and a software firewall is what is needed to help protect computers when they are away from the office.  Especially one that has centralized management of the settings and centralized reporting for alerts and infections.  BECA recommends Vipre Business Premium to better cover all machines whether they are in or out of the office. Never let a single computer be at risk!

Sean | Chief Technology Architect: As Malware continues to get more sophisticated, it is important to take a look at implementing new technology into your security arsenal, such Watchguard’s APT (Advanced Persistent Threat).  Here’s how it works: First, Watchguard APT uses a next-gen sandbox approach to isolate a file that is being downloaded by an end user. Then, it begins executing the file in a secure virtual environment to see what it does, and to determine whether the file is Malware or not.  If an end user downloads a file that has never been seen before, the file gets executed in the sandbox environment and evaluated for any evasive techniques it may employ to try to hide itself.  If the Watchguard APT sees signs of evasive techniques, it blocks the download of the file.  While signature based Malware detection products require prior knowledge of a file, Watchguard APT has the “Brain Power” to catch the newest Malware on the Internet.

Robert | Business Development Director: Simply put – If you are not: 1. Continually educating and auditing your users on security threats by using companies such as KnowBe4, 2. Protecting your users and their devices with programs like Vipre Business Premium, and 3. Protecting your users and infrastructure against zero day and Ransomware attacks with APT Blocker … You are not protecting your company! You are hoping nothing happens; and you know the saying “Hope is not a Strategy”! This is why you have BECA! We research new technology and services, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and recommend the right addition or solution to your business technology to give your company the most protection possible from security threats!


To learn more about KnowBe4, WatchGuard APT, Vipre Business Premium, or just Ransomware/Malware, contact us!

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  1. Tom Smith
    Tom Smith says:

    I’ve had my computer taken over by a hacker that demanded 500 bucks just to unlock my computer. Needless to say I never got that data back. 🙁


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