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Date: October 09, 2015 | Topic: Simple Tech Tips

Learn about the simple tips that can help you with the everyday, common tech issues. These are tips that our senior management find themselves saying often. Take advantage of these tips and save yourself from the common issues that occur every day.

Mike Estep | President: STAY CURRENT on software versions. Never get more than 2 versions behind.  The software companies are writing so many updates that the challenges of doing version upgrades are typically more painful than any challenge you have with the upgrade.  Today, many updates are about security – we used to do updates based on what we saw as an important visual change, however, nowadays an update may have no visible changes but the security protections in the backend are extremely important.

Branden Smith | Vice President: Tip #1: Reboot… The hated phrase that everyone hates to hear from their IT support team!  I know we hate to hear it, but in truth it solves many of the problems we run into.  I’ve been supporting IT systems for 20 years and it takes care of 15-20% of the day to day issues folks run into! Tip #2: Constant vigilance.  This may not sound like a tech tip, but in today’s modern IT threat landscape it pays to be vigilant.  Spam, Phishing, Bots, Malware and hacking are in the news every day, and many of the techniques used are good, old “human engineering”.  An email, attachment, or link crafted to make you want to click on it!  We all get in a hurry (and that’s one of the things the bad guys rely on) and see the message without actually reading it… one simple click can bring your business down for days!  Look for misspelled words and links or attachments that you weren’t expecting.  Find out what your various financial institutions policies are for sending you email and electronic notices.  Carefully read those emails – especially if you weren’t expecting it.  Constant Vigilance.

Sean Barron | Chief Technology Architect: One of the best ways to be more productive on a computer? Keyboard Shortcuts.  Learn and use keyboard shortcuts – things like CTRL-C for copy and CTRL-V for past, CTRL-F to find things in a document or on a webpage.  Using a mouse is great, but it’s usually slower and excessive mouse movements can increase your risk of issues such as carpal tunnel.  Need to launch an app?  You could reach for your mouse and click the icon, or you could hit your Windows key on your keyboard and just type “Outlook”.  Spend a few minutes to search the internet for Windows shortcuts and practice them.  They will help make you more efficient with your computer and reduce stress on your wrists and hands.

Robert Rivers | Business Development Director: Since my team is my technical knowledge base, I would recommend that you call BECA | The IT Brain Power Company at 404-633-2551! They have the best engineers with superior knowledge! Any problem that you have – they can help you fix it! That is my Simple Tech Tip from the sales guy.

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