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Date: September 11, 2015 | Topic: Stories of Success

All companies have success stories. Today, we want to share some of our greatest successes with you. Our senior management team members have looked back at their time with BECA and remembered their biggest achievements.

Mike Estep | President: Picking one story after 25 years almost seems impossible.  Right now I think the greatest success is the change that our team has had to make over the last 24 months.  I outlined a roadmap for our team, we developed a vision together, and I have watched in amazement how each one of them has helped us evolve to the company I dreamed of.  While we may not be done with the final picture of what BECA is becoming, I am more confident than ever that our passion, vision, and goals will make BECA one of the most successful companies in IT.

Branden Smith | Vice President: My 2 biggest BECA successes (so far) have been turning around the Solvay Pharmaceuticals team and developing and running the CIBA Vision on-site services group.  When I came to work for BECA the second time, our help desk at Solvay was in trouble.  I was sent on-site to replace the existing manager.  We were able to save the business using good customer service and common sense.  I then grew the on-site staff from 4 to 19 BECA employees!  Solvay was the model we used to get the CIBA Vision contract.  The CIBA team visited us at Solvay to see how we ran an on-site operation.  I built the CIBA Team from day one and grew it into one of the most successful on-site offerings in BECA’s history.  We were able to provide help desk services for 3500 users in 3 countries with just 3 engineers!

Sean Barron | Chief Technology Architect: One of my greatest success was when I was assisting a customer that was having SAN issues due to a software bug. It had been a long week with very little sleep – 100 + hours worked that week! And that included hours of working with one of our vendors to diagnose the conditions that led to the SAN issues and devising a strategy to solve the problem.  It was decided that a completely new SAN was required and all 20+ terabytes of data would have to be migrated. The vendor then shipped a new SAN and it was supposed to arrive at the airport on a Saturday. When we called the shipper, they could not find the SAN and they told us that it wouldn’t be delivered in time.  So we drove 1.5 hours to the airport to find the SAN ourselves. (This was post 9/11, and at one point we were stopped and questioned by police who were wondering why we were running through the airport terminal.)   We finally found the SAN sitting on a forklift behind a building at the airport. As the forklift drove by to bring us the SAN, I made a great catch on a box of hard drives that had slid off! We then drove the SAN back to the customer’s office, got it installed, and got all the data migrated.  By Monday at 8 AM, the customer was back up and running completely with all their apps moved back from their DR site.

Robert Rivers | Business Development Director: Although there are many client success stories that are very high on my list, the best success story at BECA is not a client win but a Sales Team Win. When I was hired at BECA, I had two main goals. 1. Get new business and 2. Develop a sales process that can be duplicated and scaled within a growing organization. Seeing our sales team using the sales process that was customized for BECA is thrilling. I love growing business myself, but I see greater success when the sales team grows our business exponentially!

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