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Date: June 10, 2016 | Topic: Upgrading to Windows 10

A lot of users are desperately holding on to their Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems. How did you get where you are today? It probably wasn’t by sitting back and watching the world pass you by. Well, if you haven’t adopted Windows 10 yet then that is exactly what you are doing. In this month’s Behind the Brain Power, our senior management team explain their own reasons why upgrading is so important.

Mike Estep | President: At BECA, we made it a requirement for all of our machines to run Windows 10 – and it has paid off! Windows 10 has given us a platform to consolidate all of our systems which leads to cost savings in support.  The product is reliable and (when you get past all the press stories) it works!  The challenges that are in the news (and one of the main reasons people complain about Windows 10) are because it was uploaded on old computers and old systems. That means it is time to upgrade your hardware! Windows 10 doesn’t solve old hardware problems.

The ability to standardize on a platform for an operating system is very hard for SMB clients. Well, this is your chance!  Jump in and get the free upgrade implemented on all your systems that will support it before July 29th!!

Branden Smith | Vice President: WINDOWS 10 IS TERRIBLE!  Did I get your attention?  Good … and I’m just kidding.  Microsoft has a real winner in Windows 10.  Secure, stable, compatible and … FREE (for a little while longer).  We’ve been running Windows 10 since the Beta, and it is by far the most stable release of Windows yet! Even the early versions worked well.  To date – I have not found an application that will not run in “10”.

Security was a big element in the design of Windows 10.  Built-in features include identity control, information protection, and malware resistance.  Is it bullet-proof?  No. But they started from the ground up with security in mind.  My favorite feature is Windows Hello. It lets me log in using just my face!  FREE. Until July 29, 2016, it is a free upgrade for computers that currently have Windows 7 and 8.  Give Windows 10 a try – I think you’ll like it!

Sean Barron | Chief Technology Architect: The reasons to upgrade your operating system are not always obvious.  There are all the UI changes that lead to visual and usage improvements (which some people don’t always see as being better). There are also performance improvements, but there are a lot of under the hood changes that make it important to run the latest or near-latest operating system.  Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system, but many users are quite happy with their Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system installations. Their reasoning? It gets the job done.  So why should a user upgrade?

One of the biggest threats to businesses of all size is malware. It can cause loss of productivity (aka $$), or loss of data (even more $$).  Microsoft is constantly working to bring new technology into their operating systems to either directly help fight malware or to provide application vendors with ways to leverage the OS to help fight malware.

Customers in the Enterprise space can take advantage of one of these new technologies built into Windows 10 called Device Guard.  With Device Guard, Microsoft is taking advantage of technology built into modern hardware to restrict the Windows 10 operating system to only run code that is signed by trusted signers, and giving Enterprise IT the ability to configure code integrity policies to control this behavior.

Another technology that benefits all customers, not just Enterprise Customers, is the Anti-Malware Scan Interface.  This programming interface allows application vendors to integrate their applications with anti-malware product and gives the anti-malware application a better chance of detecting malware before the payload is executed on the end user workstations.

Technology is moving forward at a rapid pace, and keeping your operating system up-to-date can benefit end users in many ways that are not always as obvious as the flash UI changes that typically take up all the headlines.

Robert Rivers | Business Development Director: Simply put, Windows 10 is optimized for business computing in 2016! You must test your applications, and if they don’t work, you need to re-evaluate. Is the software provider continuing to develop and improve their product? Or are they hanging on to something they did well once? We recommend you partner with a company that is wanting to continually improve their product, which means it is compatible with Windows 10. Also remember that the new workforce will demand the current technologies as they understand the improvements and efficiency in updates.

Did we convince you of the importance of upgrading? Eventually, the support for older systems is going to go away. And at that point, you will be forced to upgrade anyway. Why not get the newest, fastest, most secure system now? You only have until July 29th to upgrade for FREE from Windows 7 or 8. Don’t miss that opportunity.

If you have specific questions, you can reach out to us at or call us at 404.633.2551.

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