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Date: August 14, 2015 | Topic: Windows 10

In the second installment of Behind the Brain Power, our four experts discuss Windows 10. We asked them to tell us what they liked and disliked about the new upgrade and what their general thoughts were as they used it for the first time. Let us know your feelings on Windows 10 in the comments below!

Mike Estep | President: When you skip the press comments and simply take the time to use the software, you will find that it is a great operating system.  I first try to use all software as a user, and since I began using Windows 10 almost 8 months ago it has worked almost flawlessly.  Are button and menus in different areas? Yes – but once you get past the change, you will quickly learn that it was designed with thought and a lot of input on how to make it a better operating system and a contributor to business productivity.

Yes – we are a high-tech company, but I think the best thing I can share with clients and friends is that our company has made a move to Windows 10 for all team members and I asked all my family to get the upgrades done.

Branden Smith | Vice President: I’ve been running Windows 10 for months now, and it is the best version of Windows yet!  Desktop, laptop, tablet and smaller screens all work well.  It’s a great blend of Windows 7 & 8 with the ground work laid for future innovation.  To date, I have not had a blue screen or found an application that did not work.  While I’ve been impressed overall, there are a few features that I was hoping would not make it out of BETA.  Microsoft elected to turn on features to help you easily access open Wi-Fi hotspots.  The feature is turned on automatically when you install Windows 10!  There are a few other settings that are turned on by default that send portions of your system use to Microsoft… I recommend disabling them during installation.

One of the most compelling reasons to upgrade is the integration with other Microsoft products.  Office 2016/365, Skype for Business, OneDrive and SharePoint experiences are all much improved with Windows 10.  Plus, their willingness to create apps for iPhone/iPad and Android show that Microsoft is really focused on the user experience!  Accessing my email and data on the go is almost seamless.  I can’t wait to see the Windows 10 phones once they become available.  I don’t know if they will be an “iPhone killer”, but tightly integrating your phone, PC and apps is a very compelling reason to switch.  Not to mention that the new Windows 10 phones are supposed to function as mini, mobile computers… just add keyboard and monitor.  I’m very excited to see where Microsoft takes us with their “last version” of Windows!

Robert Rivers | Business Development Director: At first glance, I like the search feature next to the home button. I also like the line that appears on the task bar under your pinned applications when they are open. The Microsoft Edge browser is also sleek and powerful. I am excited to experience Windows Hello when I get a camera/laptop that is compatible with the personal feature that authenticates and recognizes you based on your presence.

Sean Barron | Chief Technology Architect:  So as I am walking out the door this morning to leave for work, my 15 year old son says, ”Dad, by the way, I’ve got Windows 10 on my laptop.” I asked him how easy was it to upgrade, and his response was, “Super easy, the longest part of the upgrade was the download”.  So far my favorite features of Windows 10 are that it’s easy to install. Also, the new re-imaged Start Button is fantastic and makes the things I need to get to frequently easier to access.  I am also quickly becoming a big fan of the Microsoft Edge Browser.  I love being able to mark-up web pages, save them to OneNote or share them quickly.  Microsoft has gotten a lot right with Windows 10.  It’s the best desktop OS on the market.

Do you agree with the guys about Windows 10? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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