Brain Slice gives you a dedicated BECA engineer focused only on your company


Brain Slice is a staff augmentation service that places a BECA engineer at your office for a scheduled amount of time each week. While in your office, the engineer will be dedicated to solely helping you and your company. You will no longer have to worry about the possibility of another issue coming up with a different client or additional distractions that would take attention away from your company. With brain slice, your IT department will receive the one-on-one attention of a qualified engineer without any of the distractions.

Our engineers hold industry leading certifications and are able to seamlessly integrate with your team and quickly contribute to results.  We will work closely with you to learn your business needs and provide you with the resources to fulfill them. Unlike regular staffing companies, BECA is committed to building a long-term relationship with you and providing you with the highest level of satisfaction possible.

Our engineers will provide service in a variety of areas including: project management, infrastructure/hardware/software installation and management, security implementation and management, storage implementation and management, communications implementation and management, and disaster recovery.

Is Brain Slice for me?

BECA's Brain Slice is for companies looking to have a dedicated engineer at their office for a scheduled amount of time each week, focusing only on their company and IT issues.

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