Infographic: Protect Your Business with Microsoft 365

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10 new ways for everyone to achieve more with Microsoft 365

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Securely run and grow your business

As technology has become increasingly accessible and mobile, growing numbers of employees have begun linking up their work accounts to their personal devices, sometimes even without the employer's knowledge. The task of keeping company data secure can quickly become complicated. Microsoft 365 lets you manage your company information even on personal devices. The system works behind the scenes to keep data secure, ensure compliance, and automatically detect and act upon suspicious activities, allowing you and your customers peace of mind. What other ways can Microsoft 365 give you continuous high-quality protection as it grows?

THE MICROSOFT DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION SERIES Part 1: Digital Transformation Opportunity

Digital transformation can be a complex process. Changing the way your business works and goes to market is never easy. That's why at BECA, we want to help you on that journey. With spending on cloud services soaring to $530 billion by 2021, it's time for you to jump on board. With Microsoft Azure cloud services, you'll have access to over 100 cloud solutions you can use to store, scale, and secure your data. Contact us today to find out how we can help you integrate the best cloud platform on the market.

SQL Server runs best on Azure Virtual Machines

In today's modern digital age, your business needs flexible, reliable data management. At BECA, we know you want a system that can deliver these things and more. Microsoft SQL Server is the solution. With fast time to value with cloud flexibility, you can set up and manage your SQL Server deployments in minutes, then scale up or down on the fly. Tune your approach to make exceptional performance gains. Want to learn more about SQL Server? Do you still need to migrate to SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines? Contact us to learn more.

Security and Compliance Updates Across Microsoft 365: A Demo Tour

Take a tour of the latest Microsoft 365 security & compliance updates delivered across identity authenticators, data, devices and applications. Watch Microsoft Ignite demo & contact BECA for private walkthrough.

A Crash Course in Security Management: Learning the Keys to a Better Security Posture

With intelligent security management enabled by Microsoft 365, BECA can help you gain better visibility of security, more policy control & higher quality guidance. Get this free eBook for a crash course.

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