Fake LinkedIn Emails are some of the Most Clicked

KnowBe4 releases a new report each quarter detailing the latest top-clicked phishing email subjects based on results from their simulated phishing tests. Their Q3 2020 Report was released in October, and they shared that LinkedIn took up a whopping 47% of the most-clicked social media email subjects.

“We have seen a pattern of fake LinkedIn messages topping this list since we began running these reports in 2017,” KnowBe4 shared. “There is likely a perception that these emails are legitimate because they appear to be coming from a professional network. It’s a significant problem because many LinkedIn users have their accounts tied to their corporate email addresses.”

Some of the most clicked email subjects were:

  • “You appeared in new searches this week!”
  • “People are looking at your LinkedIn profile.”
  • “Please add me to your LinkedIn Network”
  • “Join my network on LinkedIn”

It is important that you should always be cautious with emails – even if the email looks legitimate. To be safe, never click on links through an email. Instead, open a web browser and navigate to the specific site (such as LinkedIn) yourself.