Behind the Brain Power

Introducing: Behind the Brain Power

BECA is proud to introduce a brand new blog series – Behind the Brain Power. On the second Friday of each month, four members of BECA’s senior management team will share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions on a popular technology topic. The first installment of Behind the Brain Power will be published this Friday. The guys will be sharing their thoughts on Cryptolocker – one of the meanest kinds of malware to date. It is often undetectable until it is too late. Tune in on Friday to learn how experts in the field recommend keeping your computer and your information safe from Cryptolocker.

Meet the Guys

Mike Estep, President – Mike started working at BECA in 1990 as an Account Executive. In 2013, he was appointed President of the company.

Branden Smith, Vice President – Branden first began working for BECA in 1994 as an engineer. He accepted the Vice President position in 2015.

Robert Rivers, Business Development Director – Robert began working at BECA in 2011 as an Account Executive. He was appointed to his current position in 2013.

Sean Barron, Chief Technology Architect – Sean started at BECA in 1998 as an engineer. In 2015, he accepted the position of Chief Technology Architect.

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