IT Support Engineer

BECA's IT Support Engineers are responsible for the administration and support of Windows environments, generally with 20-300 end users, across a variety of industries. They provide proactive and reactive services to our clients and the end users within their companies. When technology problems arise, our support engineers are responsible for troubleshooting the issue and solving it quickly so that our clients can continue running smoothly.

Account Executive

BECA's Account Executives are responsible for bringing new clients to BECA. They find potential customers and then do all the work necessary to turn those customers into BECA clients. When an Account Executive secures a new client, they are responsible for managing the client's account and keeping in constant contact with the client.

Network Technician

BECA's Network Technicians are responsible for supporting and maintaining the infrastructure of our clients across a variety of industries. When problems arise internally for a client, our Network Technicians are the ones who can fix them. 

Office Services

BECA's Office Services are responsible for the management and organization of the company. They take care of the internal necessities that keep BECA running smoothly. Everything that comes in or goes out of BECA goes through our Office Services.

Client Support Analyst

BECA's Client Support Analysts are responsible for handling the internal sales at BECA. They handle all orders that need to be placed as well as the renewals that our clients need.


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