Prepare Your Business for Hurricane Michael

As Hurricane Michael continues to strengthen and push toward the Florida Panhandle, it is important to prepare your business and your technology infrastructure for any emergency situation. We’re sharing a few last minute tips to help you prepare your business in these crucial 24-48 hours before Hurricane Michael hits.

  1. Create a Written Plan
    • Decide what needs to leave the office and who is going to take it. We recommend removing any vital on-site infrastructure such as backups and servers that you may need in the event that you have to set up a temporary work space elsewhere, as well as important paper documents. By having the plan written down, you can easily reference who is in charge of taking what items.
    • Decide if your employees will be working remotely and where they will work from. Write everything down so it is easy to share and reference in an emergency.
  2. Share/Update Your Customers
    • It is important to keep your customers informed, even if they are also in the path of the hurricane. Send out a quick email blast or post on social media. Tell your customers whether you plan to be completely closed or if employees will be working remotely and for how long. If you’re able, continue updating them even after the storm passes until things are back to normal.
  3. Create a Communication Plan for Employees
    • How will your employees receive updates? Who do they call in the event of a personal emergency? It is important to have a simple communication plan in place for your team. Again, we recommend writing it down and sharing it with employees.
    • Along with the communication plan, make sure you send updates to your team every few hours with what you know and what you do not know. Try not to leave anyone feeling like they have no information.
  4. Make Sure Employees are Prepared to Work Remotely
    • In the event that you are not able to return to the office right away, employees still need to be able to work and support your customers. Make sure they take everything they would need in the event that they can’t get back in the office. Things such as computers, monitors, and phones are easy to load up in the car and set up again at home.
  5. Secure Everything Left in the Office
    • For everything that is staying behind at the office, make sure it is secured and protected from water. Put electronics and important documents in airtight storage bins and store them high on a self just in case there is flooding.
  6. Test Your Backups
    • If time allows, make sure you have tested all of your backups before the storm hits.

Our thoughts are with all of those in the path of Hurricane Michael. While securing your business and technology is important, remember to always think about your personal safety and that of your employees and their families first.

In the future, be sure to review your emergency plans at least twice a year! And don’t forget to download our Data Recovery Checklist.

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