Pay for IT Services Only When you Need Them


Unlike our competitors, we are focused on a relationship rather than a product. This is why we have the option for our clients to use us only when they need us. If you decide that you would rather not pay a fixed monthly rate for complete IT support, but you still want to know you have support if an issue comes up, then you can choose Reactive Services. While you will not receive priority over our Managed Services clients, we promise that we will help you solve your issue within a timely manner. Reactive Services does not include the proactive protection that Managed Services has, but if an issue arises, you can feel confident that BECA will help you fix the problem. There are two payment options that you can choose within Reactive Services.


Brain Cube:

Brain Cube is a contractual arrangement with BECA for response time to fix any issues that may arise for your company. These are prepaid services that last for two years. Simply put, you choose the amount that you want to pay for IT services and once that amount runs out, your contract with BECA ends. You have two years to use the prepaid amount. By choosing Brain Cube and prepaying for services in advance, you receive a discount on the normal charges for the services. In addition to the discount, you will also receive priority service over companies that choose not to sign a contract. 

Brain Cube is best for companies that want to save money for IT services they need throughout the year and want to pay for everything at one time.

Time and Materials:

Time and Materials is a contract-free agreement to let BECA service any of your IT needs. By choosing Time and Materials, you agree to contact BECA if any IT issues arise. There is no contract required and no payment made in advance. You simply call us if you have an issue, and we will fix it as soon as we are able to. After the issue is fixed, you pay for the service. Because there is no contract, there is no guaranteed response time and you will not receive the same discount that Brain Cube clients are offered. While we promise that we will get to your issue at some point, we cannot make any guarantees about the time it will take us to get to it and fix it.

Time and Materials is best for companies that do not want to make any payments prior to the service and do not want to sign a contract, yet they want the security of knowing that they have an IT company that they can call if needed.



Is Reactive Services for me?

BECA's Reactive Services are for companies that only want IT service when an issue arises or have a project and want a team of IT professionals to help them out. If you want the confidence in knowing you have an IT company you can count on to fix the problem or complete a project, then BECA's Reactive Services are for you!

Have a question about Reactive Services? Contact us and we'd be happy to provide an answer!

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