Scam of the Week: George Michael Dies at 53


This weekend, news broke that pop superstar George Michael was found dead in his home on Christmas Day. This is a celebrity death similar to Prince that cyber criminals are going to exploit in every way. Be warned that a series of scams are underway using the George Michael death as a way to get users to click on emails and other links.

One popular ruse is claiming to show Michael’s last words on video. However – whatever ruse is being used, by clicking on any of these links you will wind up with an infected computer either at the house or in the office, giving out personal information or unleashing Ransomware on the network.

So, be careful with anything related to George Michael’s death: emails, attachments, social media (especially Facebook), texts on your phone, anything. There will be a number of scams related to this, so think before you click!

As always, stay smart and stay safe!


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