The Importance of Strong Passwords



You know that feeling you get when you try to log onto your account and you get the notification that it’s time to change your password? Or maybe it’s your IT director sending a company-wide email reminding everyone to update their passwords. That feeling is probably something close to frustration or annoyance.

Why don’t we like changing our passwords? Why do we get annoyed when a new password requires a capital letter, a number, a special symbol, and must be 10 characters long? It’s because it’s easier to just keep one password for all of our accounts and never change it.

We never have to worry about forgetting it. We never have to play the guessing game of “did I or did I not capitalize this one”. Everything is just easier with our one password. Trust us – we understand.

Now think about all of the accounts and logins that use that one password, or at least a very similar variant to that password.  We’ll give you a minute.

What happens if someone gets a hold of that password? What if ONE site gets compromised and a cyber criminal gets access to that password? Do they now have the password to your online bank account? What about your work computer? Your email account? Your social media accounts? The list of possibilities is endless. And in this technology-driven age where cyber criminals are everywhere, it is so easy for your password to fall in the wrong hands.

We want to help you create strong passwords that are hard to crack while also teaching you an easy way to remember them. Take a look at the image below from our friends at KnowBe4 and download your own copy along with some more tips for protecting your passwords here.

BECA - Complex Password Guide_Page_2

Want to learn more about protecting yourself and your employees from cyber criminals? Talk to one of our security engineers!

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