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Why Join the BECA Family?

At BECA, we are constantly striving to achieve the highest levels of quality in all things.
We help businesses and people unlock their full potential. We are fully invested in our team because we believe that helping you succeed translates into helping the businesses and communities around us succeed.

We facilitate efficiency, security and collaboration, as well as progressive leadership and strategic training.

We’re always looking for top talent to join our team. If you believe your skill set and values are a good match, please take a look at our current Atlanta IT jobs below.

Values and Inclusion

Because BECA is a partner company of Blue Alliance IT, we benefit from a central and robust HR function, which includes a team dedicated to IDEB (inclusion, diversity, equity and belonging). Through our partnership with Blue Alliance IT, we can offer more opportunities than a company of our size might be able to otherwise access. Blue Alliance IT incorporates the IDEB mission with BECA by following these guiding principles, which allow us to ensure measurement, accountability and tangible actions:

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Hiring and Recruiting

Our practices are audited regularly to ensure we follow best hiring and recruiting practices for reaching a talent pool that is diverse.

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At BECA, we use performance reviews to reinforce our leaders’ accountability for fostering diversity in meaningful ways.

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Policies and Benefits

We include language in our HR policies and benefits to ensure we can uphold our commitment to IDEB and our inclusive business practices.

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Career Development

Our career development plans are designed to support employee growth and foster equitable opportunities for advancement.

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All CEOs and functional leaders have access to an immersive, IDEB leadership training series.

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Resource Groups

We offer employee resource groups (ERGs) for employees who want to be involved and share resources, foster connections around topics or employee populations and plan events.

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Female CEOs lead three of the five partner companies within Blue Alliance IT.

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Blue Alliance IT leadership team members (HR, finance and communications, as well as our CIO) are all women.

There’s always room to do more, but with Blue Alliance IT, BECA is in a position to reinforce systemic changes that are needed to develop a more equitable and inclusive business landscape in the greater Atlanta area.

Our Clients Trust BECA

“BECA has been a valued partner of mine since 2010. They are professional, responsive and knowledgeable. I have done business with the largest infrastructure and data center companies in the world and found that BECA provides better service and, most importantly, better uptime performance. You can trust them.”

– COO, Clearwave, Inc.

“Partnering with BECA allowed us to focus on our business (engineering consulting, testing and inspections) without having to spend time and effort on IT. ”

– CEO, Nova

“Your team has been professional, efficient, timely, knowledgeable, available 24/7 and overall just a fantastic partner. We look forward to our professional relationship continuing to grow with the many IT challenges facing the medical profession now and in the future.”

– COO, North Atlanta Primary Care

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