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Many small and medium-sized business owners underestimate the impact network performance and reliability have on productivity. A network assessment provides visibility and insight into your technical environment and can be used to discover what is causing interference in your network, using bandwidth, or causing congestion.

  • Establish a baseline of performance to identify changes signaling potential problems or threats.
  • Identify where problems may arise in the future and take action to avoid business interruption.
  • Identify and document the hardware, software and applications that make up your entire network for ease of troubleshooting and maintenance.

Eliminate Operational Bottlenecks

Proactive network assessments can help you identify issues early on and address them before they become widespread problems. Eliminate the worry about your underperforming network with a network assessment and green-light a strategy to optimize its performance for business gain.

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The Network Assessment Process

  • We conduct a discovery meeting to understand your particular business technology requirements and concerns.
  • Next, we send a technical specialist to visit your location(s) and conduct a network assessment to scan your infrastructure with our non-invasive tools and processes to identify internal and external network performance issues and potential problems, as well as identify and document all of your network infrastructure devices, applications and services.
  • Once we’ve collected this information, we’ll analyze it to develop a strategy to improve the network performance of your infrastructure, devices, platforms and services, and continuously monitor your systems for rapid network degradation detection.
Network assessment process
Network assessments timeline

Implementation Timeline

Once we’ve agreed to engage, a network discovery meeting can be scheduled within two weeks. Following our discovery meeting, we’ll be able to schedule an onsite network assessment within the following week. For a typical small office location, our onsite network assessments can usually be completed in a day. It takes our team approximately a week to analyze the information gathered during the discovery meeting and the network assessment. We’ll be able to meet with you the following week to deliver our findings and recommendations. Set your organization up for greater success with a network assessment from the BECA team.

Why Utilize BECA’s Network Assessment Services?

  • Identify and document your core infrastructure servers, routers, switches and firewalls as well as your user computing devices to provide a complete picture of your network’s choke points.
  • Understand your current network performance or baseline as the first step in designing an improvement strategy.
  • Prioritize and eliminate performance bottlenecks to deliver noticeable improvement in staff efficiency and productivity.
  • Ongoing network performance monitoring provides early detection of future congestion and failures.

Our Clients Trust BECA

“BECA has been a valued partner of mine since 2010. They are professional, responsive and knowledgeable. I have done business with the largest infrastructure and data center companies in the world and found that BECA provides better service and, most importantly, better uptime performance. You can trust them.”

– COO, Clearwave, Inc.

“Partnering with BECA allowed us to focus on our business (engineering consulting, testing and inspections) without having to spend time and effort on IT. ”

– CEO, Nova

“Your team has been professional, efficient, timely, knowledgeable, available 24/7 and overall just a fantastic partner. We look forward to our professional relationship continuing to grow with the many IT challenges facing the medical profession now and in the future.”

– COO, North Atlanta Primary Care

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