Meltdown & Spectre: two new security vulnerabilities


On January 3rd, two new major vulnerabilities were discovered by security experts. They are called Meltdown and Spectre, and they exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors. An attacker has the potential to steal sensitive/confidential information that is processed on the computer by accessing secrets stored in the memory of running/open programs.

So how is BECA protecting its customers? We are aware that this is a very serious vulnerability and are working on a plan of action. However, we are still compiling all the facts related to the risks and the potential problems that could occur when the patches are released.  Our engineers are working to develop a strategy that will protect our clients from both the vulnerabilities as well as the challenges created when the new patches are applied.

We will continue to share information on the vulnerabilities and resolutions as all the facts become more clear. More information can be found below and on this article from Business Insider.


What you need to know:

-Pretty much every PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone is affected regardless of the company that made the device or the operating system that it runs.

-The vulnerability is not easy to exploit as it requires a specific set of circumstances, but it is possible. However, Intel & Google say they’ve never seen attacks like this actually being used in the wild.

-There is a potential for the problem to stretch into servers, data-centers, and massive cloud-computing platforms.

-The first wave of patches have already started to go out, however there is still some debate on the effects of those patches.

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