Microsoft 365 Advance Security Features

Microsoft 365 Advance Security

When you’re running a small or medium-sized business (SMB), safeguarding the technology you depend on can feel overwhelming. Although outsourcing some of your security is an option, it’s also wise to look at the features your existing software suite offers. If you’re an Office 365 user, there are plenty of features in your software suite for you to try. By using them, you can take a more effective approach to keep your business safe.

Automate your phishing defenses

Did you know that 32% of 2018’s data breaches came from phishing scams? What’s more, phishing emails are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so the threat is growing. Fortunately, Office 365 allows you to automate some of your phishing defenses.

Every email that comes through Outlook benefits from automatic link assessments that identify whether they’re unsafe. If your employees accidentally click on one that is unsafe, Office 365 will warn them that they’re heading to an unsafe site. Outlook’s other features include automatic document scanning and device protection. If you have a BYOD policy, this device protection should be particularly reassuring. 

Fine-tune email encryption

When your business relies on the fast transfer of data, you’ll probably send sensitive information via email. Although it’s unwise to do this using an everyday email package, Outlook 365 allows you to fine-tune your encryption settings to eliminate potential security flaws.

For example, you can use a setting that makes it impossible for your recipient to forward emails. You can also disable the ability to copy and paste any information that’s on the emails you send. Among other features, these technologies are excellent for preventing the accidental dissemination of sensitive data.

Lock devices from a distance

According to Tech Jury, 87% of businesses rely on employees using mobile devices to do at least some of their work. If you need your employees to work on the go, access business emails from anywhere, or use cloud data while they’re at home, you probably contribute to that statistic. 

Although BYOD policies deliver undeniable convenience, they also introduce security flaws. 

For example, if an employee loses their device or they leave the company, there’s a risk that sensitive data will fall into the wrong hands. Using the BitLocker encryption that’s available with Office 365, you can restrict access to the device’s content entirely. As a result, you don’t need to worry about prying eyes peeking at your data.

Automatic email preservation

With many people receiving hundreds of emails per day, it’s difficult to determine what you need to save and what you should delete. With Outlook 365, you can automatically backup and preserve emails so that you can access important information later.

Outlook 365’s automatic email backup helps you remain compliant with data protection laws in your industry too. However, always make sure you look at whether you need to take additional steps to remain fully compliant in your industry.

With Office 365’s new advanced security features, protecting your business’s IT systems is easier than ever. These features will help you roll out BYOD policies without compromising the information your employees can access. Additionally, you’ll protect yourself against the increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity attacks out there. As new features come out, make sure you explore them to ensure you’re making the most of each one. Want to learn more about Microsoft 365 Advance Security?  Contact us today.

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