Microsoft 365 E5 for Your Business

Why Your Business Needs E5

Microsoft 365 E5 offers the most comprehensive business plan ever. Still you may be wondering why E5 for your business. 

To start with, advanced tools and security features save you time and money.  Microsoft 365 E5 is a cloud-based suite of Microsoft 365 productivity apps combined with advanced voice, analytics, security and compliance services. Everything you need to make your business run efficiently, securely, and effortlessly is right at your fingertips.

E5 customers receive collaboration tools such as Cloud PBX and PSTN Conferencing and organizational analytics with Microsoft MyAnalytics and Power BI, all while getting unprecedented control over their data with Access Control and Advanced Threat Protection. Keep reading to learn more about the fantastic features of E5 and don’t forget to submit the information at the bottom of the page to schedule a meeting with a BECA engineer for a hands-on demo of E5.

1. Communication & Collaboration

From hosting your own webinars to promote your business to video conferencing with employees wherever they are working, Microsoft 365’s Teams tool puts everything you need into one easy-to-use platform. Host meetings for up to 10,000 people with ease. Attendees can join the meeting by using a browser on nearly any device. Meetings also include real-time polling and sentiment tracking. 

With E5, you also have the ability to add PSTN calling. While this feature isn’t automatically included in the E5 Suite, it is easy to add on to your subscription and isn’t available for any other Microsoft 365 plans. With PSTN calling, you can get rid of your old phone system. Make, receive and transfer business calls in the office, at home or on the road using a phone, P, or mobile device – all without a traditional phone system.

2. Security

E5 offers the most advanced security features available to Microsoft 365 users. Advanced threat protection (ATP) helps defend users against threats hidden in emails, attachments and links. Safe Attachments can better detect malware and virus-laced emails, which in this day and age is everything. The Safe Links feature protects users from malicious hyperlinks that are hidden in emails. Even if a user were to click on a bad link, ATP will block it. Advanced reporting and tracking tools allow you to see which users are being targeted and what kind of attacks they are facing.

Customer Lockbox is another security tool that comes with an E5 subscription. This advanced tool lets you limit data access to only pre-assigned, two-factor-authenticated administrator approvals for even greater control and transparency. With the security features included in E5, you can have more visibility and more control of your environment than ever before.

3. Analytics

In the past, analyzing your data took time and technical expertise. With Power BI in E5, non-technical users can visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency and understanding. Live dashboards and interactive reports make it easy to know what is going on within your environment.

Delve Analytics is another feature that is accessible to Microsoft 365 E5 users. If you have never played around with Delve before, it allows you to see what employees are working on and what they have completed. Each employee has their own profile that makes it easy to see what everyone is working on. The analytics tool within Delve lets you see how much time employees are spending in meetings, who they are talking to, and the workflow between departments within the company. These features make it easy to view insights on your company and keep track of everything your employees are doing.

Still Wondering Why Your Business Needs E5? 

These are just a few of the great features that are available for E5 users. To find out exactly how E5 can benefit your business, contact a team member at BECA today. We can’t wait to show you all the features of E5. 

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