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Behind the Brain Power: 4 Reasons Every Business Needs an IT Provider

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Date: July 8th, 2016 | Topic: 4 Reasons Every Company Needs an IT Provider

There are tons of important reasons companies should have an IT services provider. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are. It doesn’t even matter how much technology your organization uses. Every company should have an IT team that they can rely on for advice, consultations, security, etc. We aren’t saying that you need to pay for complete managed services, but having an IT team behind you if something were to happen is extremely important. This month, our senior management team discuss the top 4 reasons every company should have an IT provider.

#1. Keep Your Team Up-to-Date and Protected

Mike | President: The top reason that companies need a trusted IT partner is because of the pace of change and the new ongoing security threats that have such disastrous outcomes.

Pace of Change: Software upgrades are going from major updates every 3 years and minor updates once a year to major updates every 3 months and minor updates every few weeks! It is important that updates like these be reviewed by someone with a deep understanding of the product. These updates need to be tested to confirm that they won’t interfere with your current programs and cause production downtime. Companies need an IT partner that is consistently learning the new updates and that they can trust to always keep them up and running.

Security Threats: Ransomware is a game changer for all of us. The difference between Ransomware and past viruses is that the attack is now on your data. If your backups get affected, then you risk having to pay the ransom. If you have an IT provider who helps ensure that your network is safe and consistently tests your backups, you have a much higher chance of being unaffected by Ransomware. More companies than ever are having to pay these ransoms. It’s time to start training your end-users and time to start taking protection to a new level.

IT is no longer the decisions and debates of 5 years ago … you need to start working with an IT provider that is geared for the future!

#2. Make Smarter Business Decisions

Branden | Vice President: Every business needs a trusted IT Provider.  They need a company that not only helps to keep their technology systems running, but helps their business be successful through the use of that technology.  Cloud, on premise, mobile, security … the list of IT decisions goes on and on. A trusted partner can help you make sound business decisions and help you make sense of the constantly changing technology available to your business.  Some technologies have become so complex that making the wrong decision could cost your business a tremendous amount of money and productivity.  Choose your trusted IT partner carefully!

#3. Improve Your Current In-House IT Team

Sean | Chief Technology Architect: A trusted IT provider expands the pool of knowledge available to your IT staff.  Most in-house IT personnel get very good at supporting the environment they work in every day, but when it comes to deploying new solutions or developing new ideas, they don’t always have the knowledge level required.  An IT provider spends hours every day supporting a variety of IT environments and constantly gaining new knowledge in the ever-changing IT industry. By partnering with an IT provider, your current in-house IT still maintains your everyday environment, but now you have a team to pull in additional help on projects or during busy periods. Your in-house IT already has established knowledge of your environment, and your outside IT provider helps your team get projects done faster, more efficiently, and more securely.

An IT provider can bring a broad base of experience, new ideas, products and solutions to help an in-house IT department deliver the tools necessary for end users to help their business succeed.

#4. Find Help in Every Aspect of IT

Robert | Business Development Director: The importance of having a trusted IT provider is a necessity in today’s world of swift advancements in technology. In a recent publication I read, it mentioned that CIO’s are concerned with the following: Security, Cloud, Mobility, Strategic IT Planning, Talent Management, Budget and Cost Control, Wireless Connectivity, Recovery, Managing Customer Satisfaction, Transform Business Processes. One of the best choices a CIO can make is to leverage IT providers by outsourcing their IT services to assist in these areas. The great news is that BECA can provide expertise in all of these areas!

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