BECA President Talks About New Relationship with Dell

About six months ago, BECA’s Senior Management team began researching a relationship with Dell. This was prior (and with no idea) of the recent changes that were about to be announced from Dell’s acquisition.

Mike Estep, President of BECA, shares why the interest in Dell began half a year ago – “After working with HP since the late 1990’s, we were beginning to see less focus on product innovation and more focus on splitting the organization to become the New HP. This wasn’t helping our clients and was becoming a huge distraction to our business”.

Since then, the entire BECA team has become a part of the migration to Dell and has been aggressively acquiring Dell knowledge and certifications to prepare for the future of BECA. “Our team has currently passed certification in over 25 focus areas, and we continue to expand those amongst team members,” Estep shared. “Our goal is no different than before. We still strive to be the very best brains in the industry, and now we are doing that in relation to Dell hardware, software, and services”.

The BECA team has always believed in the motto “use what you sell”. They have recently begun a large migration to Dell R Series Servers for their business systems and BrainCloud Platform. “We have also invested significantly in our SAN infrastructure by adding SSD support and a 10GB backbone infrastructure”, Estep added.

Mike Estep closes by sharing why BECA chose to transition to Dell. “Innovation is key to driving business productivity, and we believe Dell is focused on that. We are extremely proud to be recognized as a leading partner in the future of Dell”.

Throughout these changes, BECA’s mission remains the same. They have been and always will be focused on helping their customers succeed, and that is why they have put so much support in Dell and their products.

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