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Date: November 13, 2015 | Topic: The Power of Dell

Earlier this week, we talked about our new relationship with Dell – and why we are so excited about it! Today, our senior management team is sharing the specific reasons that they love Dell so much.

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Mike Estep | President: One of the many reasons I support Dell is because of their product innovation. Innovation is the key to driving business, and Dell is focused on just that. Dell partners with the industry’s best technology suppliers and manufacturers to spur innovation that delivers value to customers. However, despite their innovation approach, Dell still has an unwavering commitment to deliver the best solutions that directly address consumer needs. Because they are becoming a private company, Dell is able to focus on the innovating, new products that make consumers and partners happy rather than what makes the shareholders happy.

Branden Smith | Vice President: Dell’s move to take their company private is allowing them the flexibility to make the right decisions for their company – not their shareholders. This lets them make strategic decisions and technical innovations that improve their company and product without the fear of letting down the analysts. It is also bringing their focus back to the Partner Channel when many other companies are abandoning us. Dell also gives us a potential “one-stop shop” for business IT hardware needs … sometimes having all of your eggs in one basket is a good thing!

Sean Barron | Chief Technology Architect: My favorite Dell product is the Compellent SAN line. Although this is a product that Dell purchased, I am excited to see where they will take it. I saw a lot of great plans during the Storage NDA at Dell World this year, and I am excited that they are making the Compellent software the core of their storage plans. I am also really excited with the new iDrac Version 8.0 Server Management in the 13th Gen Dell Servers. I am starting to see the kind of detail feature set that shows me what a great, polished product the Dell PowerEdge Server line is becoming. I also love the new Open Manage Mobile App for managing servers from your smartphone! I saw a lot of exciting things at Dell World this year, and I think what I like best is that by taking the company private they are going to be able to create an environment where they can innovate and focus on partners and customers and not just on making stock investors happy.

Robert Rivers | Business Development Director: With all of the changes in technology, I appreciate Dell’s philosophy. When a new laptop launches, you usually have to get a new docking station. With Dell, as long as you are in the same family/model of products, they make sure that the docking station is compatible with the newer model. This allows your new laptop to connect to your existing work environment by simply replacing the laptop only. You don’t need to worry about a new monitor, connectors, or any other accessories that are plugged into the docking station. It definitely simplifies the refreshing process. I also feel that Dell’s move back to a private company instead of a publically traded company will allow decisions to be made in the best interest of customers and technology advancements rather than what moves the stock price. Dell is the company that is going down the right track.

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