Popular Tactics Cybercriminals Use Around the Holidays

The holiday season is often a joyous time with a lot of celebrations and get-togethers (mostly virtual this year), but it is also a time of increased cybercrime. These are a few of the popular tactics that we see most often around the holidays.

Fake LinkedIn Emails are some of the Most Clicked

KnowBe4 releases a new report each quarter detailing the latest top-clicked phishing email subjects based on results from their simulated phishing tests. Their Q3 2020 Report was released in October, and they shared that LinkedIn took up a whopping 47% of the most-clicked social media email subjects.

Critical Security Bug for WordPress Plugin

On Monday, Wordfence shared that a plugin called Ultimate Member, which is installed on more than 100,000 sites, has several critical security flaws that allow attackers to take over a site.

Critical Vulnerabilities for Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Windows and Mac OS

Adobe recently released an important security bulletin advising people to update their Adobe Acrobat and Reader. "These updates address critical, important and moderate vulnerabilities," Adobe stated in the bulletin.

Be Extra Cautious of Phishing and Cyber Attacks as We Approach Election Day

As we continue to creep closer and closer to election day, cybercriminals are more determined than ever to target US residents. They know that the election is the hottest topic right now, and people might be more susceptible to falling victim to phishing attacks, especially if they focus on anything remotely related to the election.

4 Ways to Better Protect your Company from Cyber-Criminals

How do you protect your end users in the office? What about those at home? How do you make sure your data is not compromised? How can you be confident that you are doing everything possible to keep your company secure? We are going to share four ways that you can protect your company – and feel confident that you are protected!

BECA Named Finalist for 2020 Small Business Award

The Gwinnett Chamber’s Small Business Awards showcase those that dare to start, sustain and succeed and the community that supports them. Recognized as an industry leader, BECA has been named a finalist in the Small Business 25+ Employee category.

FBI Lists Suspicious Census Bureau Domains

Chances are in the last several months, you had an individual from the Census Bureau knocking on your door and asking you questions. It’s been a hot topic as the deadline to complete the census rapidly approaches. Today, the FBI Cyber Division released a statement regarding the number of domains spoofing the US Census Bureau’s Websites.

Paying Ransom to Unlock Data is Now Illegal

In an advisory released on October 1st, the US Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) stated that companies that facilitate ransomware payments to actors on behalf of victims risk violating OFAC regulations.

The 4 essential components of a solid UC strategy

To maintain a competitive advantage, every small business needs a reliable, effective unified communications (UC) strategy - here's what you should know about the top 4 things every successful UC strategy has, and why you should include them in your own plan.